Services and Capabilities

Overlapping the design and construction phases of a project can greatly reduce the delivery schedule and project costs and minimizes the risks for the project owner. ICE has teamed with several of the industry’s leading contractors on recent Design-Build projects including Bridge Replacement Packages C, D, & E (24 bridges total), Palmetto Commerce Parkway Phase II, SC 150 Emergency Bridge Replacement, Johnnie Dodds Boulevard Improvements, and the recently completed Perryclear Bridge Replacement project.

Our roadway engineers focus on providing designs for cost-effective, reliable, safe and maintainable roadway systems. They have successfully designed complex roadway widening/extensions, major interchanges, minor intersections, multi-use bike and pedestrian paths, unpaved to paved roads, bridge approaches and roundabouts.

In addition to their designing expertise, our professionals perform design reviews and verification of contractors’ quality control plan for designs and specifications. They review design submittals of design calculations and drawings, drainage and bridge designs, and verify compliance with project criteria developed by Owners. These reviews and verifications are reported to Owners and recommendations are made to resolve inaccuracies preventing cost and schedule implications to the project.

ICE provides a wide variety of Structural Design services including bridge, culvert and retaining wall designs. Our Structural Engineers have designed major and minor bridges over highways, waterways and railroads in multiple states as well as International locations. Numerous projects have involved in-depth seismic analysis and design. We also provide Construction Support to Contractors for field issues such as temporary walls and trestle spans.  Additionally, we specialize in Value Engineering (VE) analysis and design.  We take pride in designing structures that are safe, economical, and rapidly constructable while striving to minimize impacts to the environment and existing infrastructure.

Our Hydrological and Hydraulic Services include: roadway drainage plans, bridge hydraulic analysis, storm sewer design, ditch design, culvert analysis, pond design, energy dissipation design, FEMA analysis, flood control modeling, scour analysis, riverine analysis for multidimensional flow, erosion and sediment control, NPDES permitting, stormwater management, cost estimation, value engineering, and quality assurance/quality checking. The ICE team is constantly training to stay up to date with the latest software and methods used in hydraulic designs.

The Hydrology Team members are also proficient in several other software packages, including but not limited to PondPak, Win TR-55, FHWA Toolbox, XPSWMM, ICPR, Hydraflow, and AquaVEO SMS. These members regularly attend seminars and training to remain up-to-date with new industry developments.

Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering, PLLC (ICE) provides design and construction support of complex geotechnical features on both traditional and design-build transportation projects. Our design functions include roadway foundation recommendations, bridge foundation recommendations for large coastal bridges, pile supported embankments, ground improvement through the use of surcharges, lightweight fill materials, and compaction grouting, railway bridges and embankments, railroad temporary shoring systems, and slope failure mitigation.

Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering, PLLC (ICE) provides a variety of environmental services including NEPA documentation, wetland delineation, Section 404/401 permitting, and environmental compliance. These services further enhance ICE's ability to provide full-service transportation consulting and design and the in-house collaborative planning and design will ultimately expedite project delivery.

Dynamic Pile Testing (PDA)

Dynamic Pile Testing (PDA) in conjunction with signal matching analysis is most widely utilized for pile driving monitoring and dynamic testing of drilled or bored pile foundations. The testing can assess the capacity of several piles in a single day through a non-destructive technique. Dynamic pile testing evaluates pile integrity, driving stresses and hammer energy when monitoring pile installation.

Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL)

Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) with Tomography: The CSL method is used to evaluate concrete of deep foundations. During the test, transducers (emitters and receivers) are lowered down the tubes (water filled) and high frequency signals are transmitted the entire length of the shaft scanning for imperfections and voids in the concrete.

Other testing services include Static Load Testing, Vibration Monitoring, SPT Hammer Calibration and Instrumentation Services. ICE is fully equipped with soil augers, a Pile Driving Analyzer and associated gauges, and a Cross Hole Analyzer and association probes.

Aviation Services

ICE provides a broad range of professional engineering services for airside and landside projects at general aviation and commercial service airports located throughout the Southeast. The ICE team includes dedicated, specialized aviation professionals who focus is on client service. They provide sound solutions for all of your project planning, design, and construction challenges. Our professionals strive to provide more than timely and technically sound solutions. They are committed and determined to fully assist each aviation client by becoming a seamless extension to their staff. Repeat business has been the key to our success.

Our leaders have long-standing, valuable relationships with the FAA, DOT’s and various state agencies and have been instrumental in assisting our clients to obtain a combined amount of over $1 Billion in federal and state funding throughout their professional careers.

ICE specializes in the following aviation services:

  • Coordination with the FAA, DOT and state agencies;
  • Airport Capital Improvement Plans and Cost Estimating;
  • FAA Preapplications, Applications and Grant Administration, Funding Controls, Grant Assurances;
  • Site Development
  • T-Hangars
  • Boarding Bridges and Terminal Apron Layouts
  • Part77, TERPS Airspace/Approach Analysis;
  • Airfield/Landside Pavement Design and Analysis (concrete and Asphalt);
  • Runways/Taxiways/Aprons Design- rehab and new;
  • Access Roads/Parking;
  • Environmental Assessments;
  • Airfield Lighting and Airport NAVAIDS Design;
  • Drainage Improvements and Permitting;
  • Airfield/Landside Structural;
  • Security Fencing/Access Control;
  • Phasing Plans, CSPP preparation;
  • Construction Administration and Inspection Services;
  • Program Management; and
  • Industrial Recruiting Support

ICE offers construction management services to oversee projects from inception through completion. These services provide the complete project management oversight for all development, design and construction activities required to successfully complete projects. Our Construction Managers are responsible for developing schedule and budget requirements, overseeing the preliminary design services, maximizing the resource efficiency of labor, materials and equipment, and implementing various policies and procedures to promote safety and effective communications.

ICE has in-house, full-time, state-certified, site-based Construction Engineer and Inspection Technicians who perform materials testing and sampling, workzone traffic control services, safety management, and construction inspection to ensure the successful completion of transportation construction. Our field personnel have the experience and cross-training to inspect and test bridge and structure work, roadway items, drainage, traffic control and erosion control. More specifically, ICE is committed to keeping our technicians trained and fully certified in the following disciplines:

  • Concrete Paving
  • Asphalt Roadway
  • Asphalt Plant
  • Foundations - Drilled Shafts, Drilled Pile, Steel and Concrete Piling
  • Earthwork
  • Erosion Control - CEPSI
  • Traffic Control


ICE maintains a highly experienced field survey department based in our North Charleston office to serve our public and private sector clients on stand-alone survey projects as well as turn-key engineering assignments. Our surveying professionals have over 80 years of combined experience covering all facets of field surveying across a wide range of infrastructure projects.

ICE currently operates two (2) dedicated field survey crews and we are in a unique position to form a third fully equipped crew of experienced personnel if required for larger projects or to cover a high volume of work. ICE's experienced field survey crews are capable of performing a wide variety of field survey assignments including:

  • Property Boundary Surveys & Platting
  • Topographic and Plannimetric Surveys
  • Construction Verification Surveys
  • Route Surveys
  • Establishing Horizontal and Vertical Control
  • Construction Staking
  • Subdivision Platting & Recording
  • USACE Jurisdictional Wetland Platting
  • SCDHEC-OCRM Critical Line Platting

ICE field survey crews employ state-of-the-art surveying equipment which includes robotic total stations, digital levels, GPS equipment, and modern data collectors. ICE's field crews electronically transmit data and notes to the survey headquarters in North Charleston, SC on a daily basis for immediate processing by our surveying manager.

ICE's equipment and methods ensure that our work is performed as efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest standards for quality and accuracy. With our firm's combined 80 years of field surveying experience, we are proud to state: No survey project provided by ICE staff has ever been questioned on precision or accuracy.

Our Utility Managers consistently focus on effective communication with utility owners, agencies, design firms and local municipalities in order to successfully coordinate water, sanitary, electric, communication and gas utilities on ICE transportation projects. Services provided include developing and overseeing utility schedules, negotiating, reviewing and executing utility agreements, preparing relocation sketches and no cost letters, and supporting the efforts in acquiring utility permits and easements. Our professional staff includes former SCDOT State Utilities Manager with over 30 years of experience, knowledge and established relationships with utility companies and their project managers.